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Welcome to the CTC Club and Mail Order Shop for the ‘CTC’. Please note you do not need to be a member of the ‘CTC’ to purchase items, as the ‘CTC’ organisation will still receive the same contribution from each sale to help fund Cycling and Development.

WIN money can’t buy TDF Fast Forward Carbon Wheels!

FAST FORWARD WHEELS – Building fast, strong carbon wheels: that was our goal as we started our company FFWD Wheels in the year of 2006. Craftsmanship, high quality and durability are our most important values. In just a few years  FFWD Wheels has grown into a company with a global distribution network and a solid reputation.

All FFWD Wheels are handmade at our company in the Dutch town of Zwolle. Our wheel builders pay close attention to every wheel. This leads to wheels which are feather light and strong as iron: FFWD Wheels are not mass produced. FFWD Wheels are of high quality, hand built in the Netherlands.

FFWD Wheels does not only produce high-end wheels for the road, we also build wheels for the track, triathlon and cyclocross.

“I have always been happy to recommend FFWD Wheels to my triathlon cycling students. They provide excellent reliability, durability and resilience to the harsh terrain of the cross-country race tracks found in modern competitive cycling.” – Peter Carter, triathlon coach, Discovery Learning.

This is the most chosen wheel set for the leisure rider and competitive rider looking for strong carbon wheels for clinchers. The F6R-c also comes with a DARC™ profile on the 58mm deep carbon clincher rims. It’s a great aerodynamic wheel that accelerates quickly and maintains speed very well. The joint of the aluminium brake surface is welded and the rim has wear indicators to advise when the rim needs to be replaced.